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The FIT Bodywrap system takes the meaning of body wrapping to a whole new level. This patent-pending system delivers clinically proven, soothing and effective infrared rays to the body to help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits which include: Weight loss, detoxification, cellulite reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, intense relaxation and much more.

Fit Body Wrap Rates: 60 min Sessions

Single Session


Pack of 3 Sessions


($76.00 per session)

Pack of 6 Sessions


($72.00 per session)

With free 2oz spray $19.99 Value

Pack of 12 Sessions


($65.00 per session)

w/your choice of 8 oz free Fit Booster Spray or Fit Radiance Complex Cream $39.00 Value

The FIT RX Accelerator Base & Concentrate Additives can be Custom Blended to suit each clients needs.

Choices are : Exfoliating – Tightening – Weight Loss – Detox – Anti Aging

Additional Concentrates are $5 each.  

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